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Falcon Sine Waves HUPS

Reliability, Purity and Power

Falcon Sine Waves HUPs

Matrix's double conversion circuitry can easily detect the electricity current and voltage output of the utility power supply. It also attains high input power factor over 95%.

With the use of outstanding IGBT as the power conversation component, the operating frequency of the inverter can reach tens of KHz. Moreover, the higher working efficiency of the inverter also improves the overall efficiency of the UPS and higher inversion frequency reduces the noise of the inverter as well.

Where Can Online UPS be Used

Matrix SA Series is a heavy duty power back up system especially suited for areas with chronic power shortage. Other uses can be at the workstations, IT offices, security systems, and control rooms.


  • Trendy and Elegant LCD design :
    With a display screen feature, Matrix Stand Alone Series UPS can help the user to keep a real time track of the system's working. Display messages like Output Voltage, Frequency, Mode, Fault, Bypass Enable/Disable, Warning messages, Battery information, etc. are shown on the LCD from time to time.
  • Microprocessor Control :
    The complicated hardware circuitry is inlaid in the powerful microprocessor by means of the innovative software and control programs. Besides the reduced size, it also lowers the defective rate of UPS.
  • Extended Backup Time :
    Long backup models can connect external batteries to get prolonged backup time. The feature is particularly suitable for areas with chronic power shortage.
  • Auto Self- Testing System :
    When turning on the Matrix SA Series UPS system, it immediately performs an inspection of the inverter, the battery, and the load. The system also instantly detects any problems to avoid causing any damage to the system.
  • N+X Parallel Redundancy :
    The parallel redundancy feature is available for high level 6 KVA to 20 KVA models. Your growing power needs can be easily addressed by adding UPS unit to existing systems. This feature benefits the user by reducing the cost on the IT equipment investment.
  • Automatic Bypass Switch :
    In case of UPS failure, the automatic bypass switch present in Falcon ++ helps to bypass electricity to mains so that uninterrupted power supply can be enjoyed by the user.
  • User Selectable Output Voltage :
    Matrix SA Series enables users to select corresponding output voltage to the local mains power without changing hardware. Users can select output voltage by simply pushing a button.
  • Power Management Software :
    To provide the battery control of the Matrix SA Series UPS system, a free downloadable software called Winpower is made available online for the users. This software helps to monitor and manage UPS working status easily and in real time.