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Brainy Eco – India's Most Intelligent Solar Home Inverter

Falcon Sine Waves HUPs

Su-Kam's Brainy Eco is India's best hybrid solar inverter which is perfect for your home. It functions both as a normal inverter as well as off-grid solar system because it can charge batteries through grid and solar.

The home solar UPS – Brainy-is best in everything – best price, best design, best style, best features and best performance.

  • * ATC - Automatic Temperature Compensation
  • * 30 AMP Solar Charge Controller
  • * User Settable Grid/Solar Priority
  • * Automatic By-Pass
  • * DT6S - 6 Stage Battery Charging


  • Intelligent Charging Sharing System :
    Su-Kam's solar inverter, Brainy Eco, is the first and only home solar inverter in Indian market to have this feature. For example, if there is only 12 amps of current coming from solar panels, Brainy Eco will take the rest 3 amps from grid to fully charge the connected 150 ah battery. If the solar panels are generating entire 15amps, then it will take NOTHING from the grid.
  • Decide When to Charge Batteries From Grid:
    Brainy always gives priority to solar – it powers your house and charges batteries through solar. Only in the absence on sun, it turns to grid for charging batteries, but you can choose when it should do that by sliding switches given at its back panel.
    If you would like Brainy to use grid for charging battery when battery reserve reaches 13v (i.e. almost 80%), then slide switch number 3 and 4 to right. This setting is advisable for areas that face frequent and long powercuts because extra battery reserve guarantees long backup time.
    If you would like Brainy to use grid for charging battery when battery reserve hits as low as 11v, then slide switch number 3 and 4 to left. This setting is advisable for areas with less frequent power-cuts because you can get the maximum out of battery and save money.
  • Enable or Disable Grid Charging According to Your Needs :
    Although Brainy Eco is a hybrid solar inverter, it also gives you the option of disabling grid charging completely. You can make HUGE savings on electricity bill as the solar inverter will run electrical load through solar energy stored in batteries.
    How to Activate: By sliding the switch at back panel towards 'GCD (Grid Charging Disabled)' you can activate this setting.
  • ATC Technology Keeps Battery Healthy :
    Su-Kam home solar inverter, Brainy is indeed the best solar inverter in India because it has ATC – Automatic Temperature Compensation.It can regulate the boost voltage and current of battery charging so that it gets right amount of charge. This technology protects the battery from overcharging and undercharging while increasing battery's life by 6 months.
  • Protection Against High Voltage and Current from Solar Panels :
    When solar panels emit very high voltage and current i.e. above 25amps, it goes into protection mode and restarts itself after 3.5 minutes. It will never pass on excess voltage and current to batteries neither it will let the high current harm the solar system in any way.
  • Protection Against Reverse Connection of Battery or Solar Panel
    If either the solar panels or batteries have been reversely connected then the system's DC fuse will blow without causing any harm to the system. It will force you to take notice and get the connection fixed. When PV solar panels have been reversely connected then the 'PV Reverse' indicator will glow.
  • Protection From Short Circuit and Overload Keeps the Solar System Safe :
    Brainy Eco solar UPS comes with MCB switch at the back. If there is an overload on mains mode or short circuit on the input side, then this MCB will trip. After removing the cause of overload you simply have to push the MCB up. This keeps your appliances safe during short circuit.
  • Keep Battery Healthy with Six Stage Charging :
    Brainy is the only home solar inverter in India that follows a special six step charging process. Multi-level charging guarantees optimal charging of battery and helps increase its life. Whereas, other solar inverters can only do 3 stage charging.
  • 30 Amps Charge Controller :
    Brainy Eco has a built-in 30amps solar charge controller. The charge controller ensures that the battery gets efficiently charged through solar. This solar home UPS can run electrical load as well as charge battery at the same time.
  • Choose The Size Of Battery :
    Su-Kam's intelligent solar home UPS can be used with any size of battery – from 18AH to 150AH. If you would like to use it with a battery of 25 AH, slide the dip switch to 2.5 amps. To use it with 150AH battery, slide the switch to 15amps.
  • Charging During Low Voltage :
    Brainy Eco can continue charging batteries even when the voltage drops to as low as 90V. Other inverters would switch to backup mode in such a condition and drain the batteries. The superb 90V charging feature in Brainy ECo makes it suitable for small towns and villages that suffer from problem of low voltage.