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Falcon Sine Waves HUPS
Falcon Sine Waves HUPs

Many homes in India are going solar to have 24×7 power and to save on electricity bills. Depending on the electrical load that you wish to run on solar and your budget, you can choose any of the following options for solarizing your house.

Best Solar Solution for Small and Medium-Sized Home

Total Electrical Load:650VA-1.6KVA

Type of Electrical Equipment:Fans, Lights, Coolers, Computers, Laptops, Mobile Chargers, LED TV

Budget: Rs.8000-25000

If you would like to power light electrical equipment on solar in your home then go ahead and choose your option. Su-Kam has made India's first solar inverter for home users and it is packed with amazing features and patented technology. However, if you would like to convert your existing inverter into solar power system, you can easily do it with Su-Kam's charge controllers and solar conversion kit – Solarcon. Pick whatever you like.

5 Ways To Run Your House On Solar In India

  • Grid Tie Solar For Homes:
    Many homeowners who live in metro cities run their houses on Grid-tie solar system. This is a battery-less system that consists of grid-tie inverter and solar panels. This system is maintenance-free and helps in saving money on electricity as you generate your own electricity through solar.
  • Off-Grid Solar for Homes with Solar PCU:
    Off-grid solar is the most widely used solar power system by homeowners in India. It is suitable for areas that face frequent powercuts because it lets you save extra solar energy in batteries for use during powercuts.
  • Off-Grid Solar for Homes with Solar Home UPS :
    Su-Kam has created India's best solar home UPS. This hybrid solar home inverter is suitable for small to medium size houses with electrical load upto 1600Watts.
  • Converting Ordinary Home Inverter and Battery into Solar System :
    With Su-Kam's solar conversion kit and solar charge controllers, any ordinary inverter or battery can be converted into solar power system.
  • Solar DC System for Homes :
    This is the cheapest and most-efficient way to go solar for homes. Grid-tie and off-grid systems convert DC generated by solar panels into AC because all electrical appliance can run only on AC. Whereas, Su-Kam's DC system comes with LED Lights, fans and TV that can run directly on DC. It also has battery to save solar energy for later use.