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Shark Digital Home UPS is a two-in-one system that eliminates the need to have separate power back-up solutions for computers and other appliances. It is designed to be aesthetically pleasing, and does not detract from the decor of your home or office while meeting the demands of today's modern living. The neat, compact design hides a powerful heart that comes with a 7-year guarantee on the transformer.

Shark is a Digital Home UPS System that works as an Inverter as well as a UPS saving you both Space and Money! This simply means that while using Shark Digital UPS you don't need to buy a UPS for your computer or other sensitive equipment and gadgets at home that require a consistent supply of power of correct specification.

Shark Digital UPS is compatible with all Su-Kam battery types – Tubular and LA – making it highly versatile. Faster charging with all battery types lead to significant power savings and lower electricity bills, while its Home-Safe Chassis Design makes it totally Shock-proof and completely safe for your home and children.


Shark's Digital Home UPS is ideal for 2 to 3 bedroom houses with sensitive, hi tech equipment.

Solar Compatibility

Shark's compact design and power packed features make it ideal for today's modern offices, small and medium enterprises, schools and households.


  • Quick Switchover:
    The switch-over between mains power and battery is so fast, you won't even feel it. And the voltage is always kept within the safe range, to protect your precious IT equipment and sophisticated appliances.
  • Micro controller based operation:
    Shark Digital UPS is Based on the world's most advanced micro-controller technology, which improves the efficiency of the whole system and provides clean power as well.
  • Highest power factor for low electricity bills:
    Optimal power consumption with micro controller based systems, saves your electricity bills. Highest power factor in this range.
  • Fuzzy Logic Controlled Patented Technology:
    Su-Kam's patented advanced Fuzzy Logic Controlled Charging Technology senses the requirement of the battery and controls the charging process accordingly. This ensures low power bills, longer battery life and reduced water topping.
  • Automatic low battery protection:
    Checks batteries while in battery mode to protect them from deep discharge. Alerts user during emergency with a buzzer sound.
  • Smart overload protection:
    Protects appliances from breakdown in case of overload. It gives a repeated beep alarm. In case the load is not reduced, the system shuts down automatically after 8 repeated beep alarms.
  • Smart short circuit protection:
    Protects appliances in case of any short circuit. The system beeps and retries 4 times. After 4 beeps, the system shuts down automatically.
  • A sleek new age look:
    A contemporary and stylish design makes the Shark Digital Home UPS amazingly good looking compared to its contemporaries.

Load Chart

SHARK 700 / 12 V      
Computer - - - 1
Printer - - - 1
Television - - 1 -
Tube Light 3 - 1 -
Fan 3 - 2 1
CFL 3 29 6 4
SHARK 900 / 12 V      
Computer - - - 1
Printer - - - 1
Television - - 1 -
Tube Light 4 - 3 1
Fan 4 - 3 1
CFL 3 38 6 6
SHARK 1600 / 24 V      
Computer - - - 1
Printer - - - 1
Television - - 1 -
Tube Light 8 - - 4
Fan 8 - - 4
CFL 5 64 6 1

Shark Digital HUPS 700/12V

  • Multiple battery selection switch
  • 3 CFLs+1 Fan+2 Tube Light+1 Computer
  • 5 CFLs+2 Fan+2 Tube Light+1 TV

Warranty: 24 Months

Shark Digital HUPS 900/12V

  • Multiple battery selection switch
  • 5 CFLs+1 Fan+1 Tube Light+1 Computer
  • 5 CFLs+3 Fan+3 Tube Light+1 TV

Warranty: 24 Months

Shark Digital HUPS 1600/24V

  • Multiple battery selection switch
  • 4 Fan+4 Tube Light+1 Computer+1 Printer
  • 9 CFLs+6 Fan+6 Tube Light+1 TV

Warranty: 24 Months