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Falcon Sine Waves HUPS

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Falcon Sine Waves HUPs

The Multiplexer-SA UPS is a true online double conversion UPS. It comes with a unique light and compact design with 20X60 Cm footprint. Multiplexer – SA is available in different range such as 10 KVA, 25 KVA and 40 KVA. The product's unbelievable small footprint and high efficiency make it one of the world's leading solutions in this range.

Lower TCO and Increase ROI ensure savings on purchasing and installation, electricity, maintenance, space, cooling and generators.


The Su-Kam | Gamatronic Multiplexer SA is ideal for small and medium sized applications, as well as for large devices such as medical CT products.


  • Ultrahigh power density
  • True green power and high efficiency
  • Universal UPS:
    Frequency voltage phase configurable on site
  • User friendly
  • Maximum power availability
  • User friendly display
  • True online batteries and double conversion VFI topology
  • Power with environmental integrity
  • Multiplexer controller :
    Full remote UPS management, automatic server shutdown, alerts, and management of SNMP trap by interfacing with NMS software (a standard feature in the RM model and optional in SA models)