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The Multiplexer Mega V2 is a state-of-the-art modular redundant UPS System – With the capacity to grow up to 500kW (in 25kW increments). The product's unbelievable small footprint and high efficiency make it one of the world's leading solutions in this range. Installed in many data centers, hospitals, manufacturing and industrial plants, telecom facilities, the Multiplexer Mega V2 is an optimal combination of efficiency, economy and usability.

All multiplexer systems are supplied with an integral Multiplexer Controller that enables remote UPS management through web access. This includes display of active alarms and alarm log access, automatic server shutdown, email alerts and SNMP management for interface with NMS software. Together with the optional external cellular modem, Multiplexer can also provide SMS alerts and enable remote cellular commands.


The Su-Kam | Gamatronic Multiplexer Mega V2 is ideal for data centers, colour labs, manufacturing machines, offices, security control rooms, medical equipment, telecommunication systems, satellite systems and air traffic control systems to name a few


  • The Highest Power Density / Smallest Footprint :
    The Su-Kam | Gamatronic Multiplexer Mega V2 delivers extremely high power density = 5kW/inch3. Multiplexer Mega V2 modules are each 25kVA/25kW, 3U and saves space in data centers, IT rooms and other critical sites.
  • Unique Design and Engineering :
    The Su-Kam | Gamatronic Multiplexer Mega V2 offers an "all-contained" original and proprietary design, where all connections and cables are internal. Minimal access to the sides and rear of the unit is required. Multiplexer Mega V2 unique mechanical design provides a modular UPS solution to 500kW (available bases: 125, 250 and 500kW), setting a new standard for the market.
  • A True Parallel Redundant UPS :
    True N+1 redundancy of 25kW modules provides several critical advantages, including:
    Flexible scalability: Multiplexer Mega V2 ensures future growth in load increase with a wide power capacity range: from 25 to 500kVA/500 kW. This scalability feature enables the user/designer unprecedented flexibility to correctly size the UPS for today, next month, next year (There is no need to supply spare UPS capacity in advance; only what the user/designer currently needs). Minimal maintenance: Multiplexer Mega V2 delivers very low MTTR (Mean Time to Repair), which results in the fastest service with minimal costs.
  • Unity Output Power factor :
    The Multiplexer Mega V2 performs unity output PF 500kVA = 500kW. The UPS is perfectly suitable for power capacities loads, such as blade servers with ZERO reduction in active power.
  • Green Power :
    Su-Kam | Gamatronic Multiplexer Mega V2 understands that energy-saving is not only a matter of cost-saving, but also of social responsibility The Multiplexer Mega V2 clean and globally responsible energy technology meets power requirements, while minimizing environmental impact.
  • Multiplexer Mega V2 Double Conversion True On-Line Battery (VFI):
    Complying with international standards such as the IEC-62040-3, and the highest classification VFI-SS-111, the Multiplexer Mega V2 features a galvanic battery connected between the rectifier output and the inverter input on a common DC link.
  • Multiplexer Mega V2 User-Friendly Controller:
    Each Su-Kam | Gamatronic Multiplexer Mega V2 features a unique and proprietary controller, which is the user's main interface with the Multiplexer Mega V2. The controller features a colored, touch-sensitive screen, which enables the user to navigate through the system screens by pressing various icons. Multilanguage functions allow simple usage worldwide. Built in SNMP/TCIP provides complete control over unit's operation without installing software or using dedicated computers or control hardware.