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Falcon Sine Waves HUPS

We take pride in saying that Su-Kam, a 100% 'Made in India' brand is now appreciated worldwide. We export solar products to around 90 countries all over the world. Su-Kam has also won the title of 'Most Trusted' brand in Africa. Our solar products are lighting up lacs of homes in Middle-east, Africa, South Africa, and Asia.

Solar Projects

  • Solarizing Afghanistan
  • Solar Street Lighting in Gabon
  • 35 Schools in Rwanda Run on Su-Kam's Off-grid Solar System
  • Su-Kam's Solar Systems in Ethiopia
  • Solar Installations in Nigeria by Su-Kam
  • Zimbabwe is Going Solar with Su-Kam
  • Su-Kam's Solar Projects in Zambia
  • Solar project in Nepal
  • Solarizing Phillippines
  • Su-Kam's Solar-powered Schools in South Africa
  • Su-Kam in Myanmmar