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Falcon Sine Waves HUPS

Su-Kam Fusion-i 2.5 kVA Commercial UPS is the world's most advanced UPS that works on DSP Sine Wave Technology. It is equipped to provide 100% pure sine wave power to multiple heavy duty appliances simultaneously. The power supplied by Su-Kam Fusion-i 2.5 kVA Commercial UPS is actually purer than the power supplied from the mains, resulting in a noise-free home & office. Given the fact that there has been a steady increase in the use of electronic equipments like Computer, Water Motor Pump, STD/PCO monitor, Microwave Oven, Air Conditioner etc. over the years, every residential and commercial unit needs an uninterrupted power back-up source. An ordinary UPS is not equipped with the power to support and run multiple appliances that draw enormous energy from source.

Su-Kam Fusion-i 2.5 kVA Commercial UPS, however allows you to run a multitude of appliances without a break so you lead a life without hassles.


Falcon Sine Waves HUPs
  • Computer, Home Theater
  • Refrigerator, *Air Conditioner with 5'Star Ratings (0.8 Ton)
  • Television
  • Dentist Chair
  • Security Systems
  • Washing Machine
  • Microwave Oven
  • Room Cooler
  • Fan, Tubelight
  • Projector, Scanner,Printer, Photocopy Machine


  • Automatic Bypass:
    Su-Kam Fusion-i 2.5 kVA Commercial UPS has automatic bypass feature which forms a second line of defense in case of UPS failure. During failure, this Automatic Bypass Switch ensures that the load drops automatically onto the mains input feed, to avoid any disruption due to inverter malfunction.
  • LED Display Panel:
    Su-Kam Fusion-i 2.5 kVA comes equipped with a smart LED display which blinks messages during emergencies. This convenient and hassle-free LED Display is designed to be user friendly , helps manage the load along with controlling the back-up time by indicating the load being powered and the status of the battery constantly.
  • Choose between UPS & Non UPS Mode:
    Shiny Sine-Wave Home UPS slider selection switch lets the user choose between UPS mode (input voltage window 185 to 260, ideal for computers and sensitive appliances) and Wide UPS mode (input voltage window 105 to 275 V, suitable for running normal loads and non-sensitive appliances).
  • Extra Energy Efficient:
    Shiny Sine-Wave Home UPS is equipped with the SMPS based charger with high power factor which minimizes the amount of AC power required to charge the batteries, thereby reducing power consumption.
    In case of overload, Su-Kam's System Overload Alarm resets the Home UPS automatically.
  • Easy Switch-over:
    Shiny Sine-Wave UPS automatically senses power failure and switches to battery mode silently, without letting the user even notice that the power supply has failed.
  • Advanced Fuzzy Logic Control Technology:
    Su-Kam's patented advanced Fuzzy logic control charging technology senses the requirement of the battery and controls the charging process accordingly. This results in Huge Savings on Electricity, Longer Battery Life and Reduced Water Topping.
  • The Two-way slider Selection Switch:
    This switch gives you the option to select any battery type and charging. This improves the back-up quality and enhances battery life.
  • Highest Cold Start Capability:
    Su-Kam's Shiny Sine-Wave UPS has the highest cold start capability which means if 8va tube lights are connected and it is switched on, all the tube lights will be on at the same time.
  • Shiny Sine-Wave UPS comes with a choice of 2 great looking wheeled trolleys:
    Knight and Chetak.

Load Chart

Shiny 250 VA      
Load Option A B C
Computer 1 - -
Television - - 1
Tube Light - 1 1
Fans - 1 -
CFL 2 3 2
Shiny 450 VA      
Load Option A B C
Computer 1 - -
Television - - 1
Tube Light - 2 1
Fans 1 2 1
CFL 4 4 5
Shiny 650 VA      
Load Option A B C D
Computer 1 - - -
TV - - 1 -
Tube Light 2 4 2 1
Fans 2 3 3 -
CFL 2 2 2 2
Room cooler - - - 1
Shiny 900VA      
Load Option A B C D
Computer 1 - - -
TV - 1 - -
Tube Light 3 3 4 1
Fans 3 3 4 1
Room cooler - - - 1
CFL 2 4 - 2
Shiny 1600VA      
Load Option A B C D
Computer 1 - - -
TV - 2 2 1
Tube Light 5 4 5 3
Fans 6 5 5 3
Room cooler - - - 1
CFL 5 6 - 4