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Falcon HBU
Falcon HBU

Falcon HBU is one of the most technologically superior home inverter in Indian market. It is powered by a special transformer which is created to minimize energy losses owing to its compact design. Compared to ordinary inverters it gives you 25% more efficiency and EXTRA 45 minutes of backup time!


  • High Efficiency
  • High Backup time
  • Extra Savings for You
  • Low Harmonics:
    The compact transformer inside Falcon HBU not only makes it highly efficiency but also reduces harmonics. High harmonics are like ripples that interfere with battery charging and harm your battery life. That is why Su-Kam has created Falcon HBU to minimize harmonics and give clean and pure DC power to your battery. It increases battery's life.
  • Shhhhh No Noise UPS:
    The superior technology in Falcon HBU makes it totally noiseless. This combined with quick switchover time means that you will not realize powercut. Falcon HBU will switch itself on instantly when it detects powercut and is so quiet that you do not get to know if it is on.
  • Lowest No Load Current = Savings:
    Did you know that your home inverter/UPS needs electricity to keep itself functioning? Even if there is no electrical appliance connected to it, the UPS will still continue to consume a good amount electricity which adds to your electricity bills. Falcon HBU has been designed to take care of this problem – it takes very little electricity as compared to ordinary inverters.
  • Robust Power:
    Falcon HBU may look small and light but it is quite heavy duty. It is powerful enough to run 7 computers at one time.
  • Automatic Temperature Compensation:
    Like most of Su-Kam's products Falcon Plus is also intelligent to detect change in outside temperature and reduce or increase the boost charging voltage of battery. This results in long battery life.
  • 90v Charging:
    Falcon HBU is suited for big cities as well as small towns and rural areas. It can charge the batteries even at a low voltage of 90v.
  • DT6S Six Stage Charging:
    Falcon HBU gives multi-stage charge (spread across 6 stages) to batteries which keeps your battery healthy. Whereas ordinary inverters can only do 3 stage charging.