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Falcon HBU
Falcon HBU

From the company which holds a record for being the only power backup company in India to file for over 100 patents, comes another revolutionary product – Falcon plus – pure sine wave home UPS.

  • * ATC- automatic tempreture compensation
  • * 90 volt battery charging
  • * Gives you the freedom to choose battery size according to your backup need
  • Automatic Temperature Compensation Technology Solves Battery Charging Problems:
    For the first time ever an inverter is technologically so advanced that it can sense the outside temperature and regulate the charging of batteries to charge them optimally. Equipped with ATC technology it protects your batteries from overcharging(by decreasing cut-off voltage) and undercharging(by increasing cut-off voltage). It is guaranteed to keep your batteries 100% charged and prolong battery life by 6 months while lowering your electricity bill.
    Su-Kam is the only company in India to use ATC technology in inverters. No existing microprocessor in inverters could take the ATC software so we have used 4th generation microprocessor which is the same as in smartphones and tablets. Falcon+ is surely a smart inverter and the only one to have ATC.
  • Freedom to Choose Battery Size Solves the Problem of Overspending on Batteries:
    Falcon+ is the only inverter that gives you an option to use it with a battery as small as 18Ah if you need a backup of 5-10 minutes or with a big battery of 180Ah if you need more. It comes with a dip switch which can be adjusted to high or low current settings to be used with batteries of any size from 18Ah to 180 Ah to give you any backup time you like – 10 minutes or 10 hours. Earlier you had to spend money on an expensive big battery even though you needed a backup of just 5 minutes.
  • Automatic Bypass Solves the Problem of Fault in Inverter:
    Falcon+ is designed to bypass itself to give you power even when it is not working.
    When inverters are installed in houses the main power supply is drawn through the inverter so when the inverter doesn't function (due to some fault) you do not get power even though the main supply is available. In such cases you are dependent on an electrician for help with the wiring but Falcon+ comes with Automatic Bypass – it automatically lets you have power from the mains till it gets repaired.
  • Resettable Fuse Solves the Problem of Fixing Blown Fuses:
    In times of overload Falcon+ will beep 8 times and reset itself (with push of a button) when extra load is switched off. Ordinary inverters have fuses which blow during overload. You have to go through the hassle of replacing blown fuse everytime so we have given this special feature in falcon+ because we care for your comfort.
  • Low Voltage Disconnect Solves the Problem of Battery Backup:
    Falcon+ is the only UPS which lets you choose the level of battery reserve. It comes with a dip switch – choose 10.5v if you want to extract maximum backup from the battery or choose 11v if you want to keep extra reserve and prolong battery life. More reserve = more battery life and efficiency.
    Ordinary inverters cut off when the battery hits a dangerous level of 9.5 or 10v but flacon + disconnects after 10.5v saving the life of your battery.
  • 90v Charging Solves the Problem of Undercharging of Batteries in Low Voltage Areas:
    Falcon+'s advanced charger will fully charge the batteries even when the voltage is as low as 85-90V. This is a boon for villages and small towns which get low voltage and frequent powercuts.
    Instead of charging the batteries, ordinary inverters go on battery backup mode when voltage falls below 140v. As the inverter has already drained the battery, people are forced to live in dark during real powercut.
  • High Crest Factor Solves the Problem of Running Big Refrigerators or AC:
    Falcon+ has a crest factor of 5:1 which means that it is capable of taking 5 times more peak current than its mentioned capacity. You can easily run AC and latest 190 liter refrigerator on it. Ordinary inverters have a crest factor of only 3:1 i.e they can take only 3 times peak current.
  • 42-65 Frequency Solves the Problem of Generator Compatibility:
    Falcon+ can be excellent paired with generators for longer periods of time. Generators can cause serious damage to your sensitive electronics at times as they emit frequency of more than 70Hz whereas our equipment are made to handle only 60Hz. Falcon+ intelligently disconnects the generator and runs on battery backup mode so that your equipment remain safe.