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Falcon HBU
Falcon HBU

Su-kam brings to you India's first smart home UPS – Falcon ++. It not only looks elegant and stylish but also uses the advanced ATC (Automatic Temperature Compensation) technology. This product is high on quality and is cost-effective as well making it the best home inverter in India.

What's new about Falcon ++?

The LCD display is perhaps the most brilliant feature added in this Home UPS. Through the various display messages, the customer can easily understand the status of the inverter and let it function accordingly.

What is Automatic Temperature Compensation?

For the first time in India, this advanced technology called Automatic Temperature Compensation is being used in inverters. In fact, Su-Kam is the pioneer to implement ATC technology in India.

With this technology, the sensor senses outside temperature and according regulates the charging of batteries to save them overcharging and undercharging. The cut-off voltage is increased and decreased according to outside temperature. This lowers the electricity bills and also increases the battery life by at least 6 months.


  • Six Stage Charging:
    Falcon Plus Plus is equipped with DT-6S 6 stage battery charging that charges the battery efficiently and also increases its life with optimal charging. The six stages are Desulphation, Soft Start, Bulk Charge, Absorption, Equalisation, and Float. Su-Kam is the only brand who has introduced this technology to ensure that the battery doesn't require frequent water topping.
  • 90 V Battery Charging:
    This home UPS is so powerful and efficient that it charges the battery with as low as 90 Volts while a normal inverter requires at least 130 Volts for the same. Thus, Falcon ++ helps in controlling the harmful emission of gases that can cause environmental degradation. Also, it is beneficial in those areas where the voltage is not so high.
  • Lowest Switch over time :
    In UPS Mode, the switch over time is less than 8 msec. For uninterrupted work, such a tiny interval of switch over time makes it a perfect choice. Imagine a situation where you are booking a ticket online and the power cuts when you are at the payment gateway! Falcon Plus Plus will keep things sorted for you during all these crucial moments.
  • Option to choose battery size:
    Battery size is often a problem when people have to buy bigger batteries despite needing shorter battery backup. But with Falcon ++ the customer can use any battery ranging from 18-200AH according to their own backup needs. For instance, if a 10min backup is needed, 25AH battery can be used with the UPS, for 30min backup, a 50AH battery can be taken, and if approximately an hour of backup is required then 100AH battery can be paired with this UPS. This will help in saving money.
  • Soft Start Technology:
    This technology is added to increase the life of your electrical appliances. This technology involves a gradual increase of voltage which keeps the appliances protected against sudden high voltage.
  • Automatic Bypass Switch:
    In case of UPS failure, the automatic bypass switch present in Falcon ++ helps to bypass electricity to mains so that uninterrupted power supply can be enjoyed by the user
  • Compatibility with solar and generators:
    Falcon ++ can be paired with generators as its frequency ranges between 42-65 Hz. By using the solarcon solar charge controller, Falcon ++ can be converted into a solar inverter when used along with battery and solar panels.
  • Extra Protective Layer:
    Equipped with Miniature Circuit Breaker (MCB), Falcon ++ keeps the appliances protected against overload and short circuits. This helps to increase battery life as well.
  • Low Voltage Disconnect:
    This Home UPS gives the user a choice for low voltage selection and low voltage disconnect (LVD). Normal inverters have a backup cut at 10.5 while Falcon Plus Plus has a backup cut at 11. This makes Falcon ++ a right choice for areas with less frequent power cuts. In addition, LVD saves battery from discharge, aids in charging battery at a faster pace, and enhances battery life by at least 3 months.

Why You Must Buy Falcon Plus Plus ?

Falcon plus plus is created by experts at Su-Kam to have all the features that every homeowner in India needs in their inverter. It is really the best and smartest home UPS available in India at the moment – we never stop innovating.

Falcon Plus Plus is an intelligent Home UPS that runs all the appliances noiselessly and also ensures their protection. It has a single operation master switch. Automatic cooling fan operation and automatic circuit breaker recovery helps in its efficient performance. Also, the constant display of updates on the LCD screen help in understanding the working of Falcon Plus Plus in a better way. It also has a reverse current flow protection and inbuilt wrong wire connection protection.